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Transforming Businesses

Paradigm Shifters

From Potential to Outperform

Our Solutions

Three essential ways to increase your sales.

Increase Team Performance

Understand team dynamics, establish behavior expectations, re-evaluate reward and recognition systems, support individual development, review and amend sales activities metrics, etc…

Stop Bad Office Politics

Accept competing interests as inherent part of work life. Identify people’s bad behavior. Leverage conflicts, learn to create from them. Constitute values, strengthen communication and accountability.

More Productive Meetings in Less Time

Abandon all recurring meetings. Turn time wasters and status beauty shows into efficient and effective communication in your organization.

We distribute our services through various channels so that you can choose your preferred style:

Training | Coaching | Workshops | Development Programs | Learning Groups | Retreats | Assessments

What Our Clients Say About Us

“To make a long story short, firstly, Coach Adi helped me to identify various problems and then act on them. Most of our problems are caused by ourselves. He also taught me different techniques to listen to and understand others. I realized that I wasn’t as good a listener as I thought it was. In summary, through his various experiences, Coach Adi can help you by considering all angles and will assist by helping guide you to find and develop an attack strategy of your own.”

Barry Louie, Key Account Manager at

“Now I see a lot of improvement in other parts of my life, not just my relationship to my now deceased mother. My relationship to my colleagues improved significantly. Because I feel a bit more comfortable with myself, I feel I have more room for other people. I’ve started to see their agendas and to feel more compassionate. People did notice my changes, too. (It may be because I got married recently, but some of my colleagues told me that I became more “marukunaru,” meaning less edgy).

At work, I always felt like I was a stranger inside my own body. I am still learning to unstuck myself from the role I had slotted myself in. I am starting to see other possibilities. I am meeting new people and I am certain this will eventually give me new business leads.”

Sumie Kawakami, Writer, Journalist & Translator

“Getting a coaching call from Szos is like being held by a being that is something between your best friend and an angelic spiritual mentor. Most note-worthy is his intuitive, playful style, which invites investigation into what is holding us back from being magnificent without letting us getting stuck in the dark places that might show up. Somehow, even when working my inner sabotaging energies, Szos kept the investigation light and sweet. He offered a variety of tools and perspectives to uncover layers of limited beliefs and keep things moving and interesting, mixing psychotherapeutic approaches, yogic philosophy, and a whole gamut of other ways for me to shine light into my dim spots. Each call was spontaneous and yet skillfully guided by Szos. His compassionate, gentle presence and intuitive guidance created a comfortable container for me to dive into my self and dig up muck of all kinds, see it clearly for what it was, and then release what no longer served me. All this digging definitely meant there were pearls to be found, and I wouldn’t have done so without Szos’ brilliant coaching. I highly recommend him to my community!”

Dee Dussault, Founder at Ganja Yoga

“I was lucky enough to be coached by Adi. He is insightful, challenging and motivating. Adi’s corporate and entrepreneurial background combined with his ability to listen and see what’s going on underneath the surface makes him a powerful and empowering business coach.”

David Evans, Co-Founder of BE: Business. Engaged.

“Working with Szos has truly been a God-send! From the moment we started working together, I felt an immediate shift and knew I had made the right choice. With Szos, I always feel seen, heard and understood. He cares deeply, is attentive and tremendously gifted. I love that he always sees my light and fiercely believes in me. Without a doubt, my journey with him has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Thank you, Szos! I have blossomed into myself with Szos’ deep attention, guidance, intuition and unconditional love. I feel that I am finally learning how to drive my own car – like I just received my driver’s license for being able to direct my own life, my own love story which is expanding and unfolding before my eyes and before my heart in an ultimately beautiful way. Through trusting that I am whole from the beginning and guiding to find the answers that resonate with me, with my special way of being in this world, I feel that I am more and more alive and in harmony with cosmic order and divine purpose.”

Marie-Eve Perreault

“I was initially skeptical of the value of taking two full days out of a busy schedule to attend a workshop. However the carefully coordinated program in the professional hands of Adi and his team of passionate coaches proved to be a very smart investment indeed. I was able to benefit on many different levels, not least in terms of being able to experience and practice the newly discovered learning. It has served as a springboard to regular professional coaching, which I firmly believe makes me more effective and focused in both
my professional and private life.”

Mike, European CEO

“There is so much I can say about Szos St. Germain and the impact he has had on my life. It almost seems like an incredible feat to sum it up in a concise and potent testimonial, but here’s my attempt at doing so. Firstly, when I receive coaching from Szos, I get the feeling that his heart is genuinely invested in my potential. Coaching is his element—it is what comes naturally to him, and his ability to perceive the inner workings of what keeps me stuck is uncanny. It’s almost like being in the presence of a wizard or wiseman, in a sort of mythological sense, and the wisdom that he imparts is truly universal for the vast array of challenges that we tend to overcomplicate. In addition to private coaching, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in coaching circles, and to see him transform the lives of others has been valuable and empowering to my own practice.
These days, you don’t find many people like Szos. I make up the story that the kind of human being Szos represents is a dying breed, as our culture and society mounts on the challenges and pressures of being a healthy, functional, and fulfilled human being. Given that current state of things, he is a Godsend (if you believe in God), or for the more pragmatic folk, an undeniable asset to have by your side on your journey towards reaching your potential within this lifetime. Szos has helped me to radically transform my inner and outer world, and continues to do so. I would not stall for another moment if you feel like you want more from your life.”

Anthos Apollonios, Intuitive Life Mentor & Workshop Facilitator

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