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CoachME© Programs

In co-production with Beckett-McInroy Consultancy (BMC) we offer fully accredited leadership and organizational coach training programs.


BMC are market leaders in Leadership and Organizational Coaching and provide organizational, executive and team coaching globally. This program is fully accredited by Association for Coaching International (AC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). As an ILM centre we are also able to offer ILM Award and Certificate programs in Coaching. The CoachME© program is broken up in to levels and caters for all of your Coach training needs.


The CoachME© ‘Journey to Coaching Mastery’ is delivered face-to-face and on-line leading to individual Coach credentialing with ICF, EMCC and AC.


Our Team of Coaches, Trainers and Instructional Designers deliver bespoke content to fit the needs of specific organizations dependent on Development Needs Analysis (DNA). We work across sectors including business, finance, medicine, insurance, education, retail, branding, hospitality, aviation, oil and gas as well as Family Offices for ultra-high net worth individuals and families.

Why choose CoachME©?

We provide you with a unique Coach Training experience to fit your exact needs ‘From Novice to Master Coach’

  • CoachME© Level 2 is delivered within organisations and has been described as a “…thorough introduction to coaching…” It provides delegates with with the CoachME© Foundation Coach (CMFC) designation as well as a Certificate of Attendance.


  • By successfully completing the CoachME© Level 3 programme you can achieve an optional industry standard Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Award or Certificate in Coaching as well as becoming a CoachME© Practitioner Coach (CMPC).


  • After progressing onto CoachME© Level 4 you gain a mid-way qualification accredited by Association for Coaching International (AC), providing you with a Certificate in Professional Organisational and Leadership Coaching and you can apply for AC’s Coach or Executive Coach individual credential. You also become a CoachME© Organisational Coach (CMOC).


  • Following consistent coaching practice, mentoring, reflection and assignments CoachM©E Level 5 provides you with the CoachME Certified Coach (CMCC)© designation and the internationally respected Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF). CoachME Certification is an ICF ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours) Programme.


  • We offer you psychometric profiling as an integral part of each programme described by our graduates as “…a synergistic tool to embed coaching methodology…”. This helps identify your strengths and developmental needs, then coaching helps close these gaps.


  • You and your organization can co-create with us bespoke ILM, ICF and AC ‘endorsed’ and ‘approved’ programs.


  • CoachME© develops your skills, knowledge and behaviours through experiential, contextually based delivery, providing you with international research and BMC published books including BMC’s own Networking Know How and Reflective Coaching Journal. Training requirements are sustained in the long term and can be related to objectives and KPIs.


  • We incorporate Executive, Board and Team Coaching as well as relationship and systems coaching whilst providing training in English, German, Arabic, French, Japanese and Spanish, all ensuring you are equipped to work with the AC and ICF Competencies.


  • With a dedicated team, we can provide you with bespoke CoachME© programs in Trust, Team Spirit, Managing Transition/Uncertainty and Developing a Coaching Culture, to meet specific organizational requirements.


  • You are in safe hands as Coach Leaders on are certified and thoroughly trained; they follow transparent compliance and ethics audits. They are able to share with you their experiences of provided a range of Coaching programs across sectors globally, with individuals Coachees and Boards from Fortune 500s and ultra-high net worth families.
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CoachME© Level 1

Duration: half day bespoke program or Key Note Speech




  • CoachME Certificate of Attendance – ‘Introduction to Coaching’


Program content:


  • What is coaching? What are mentoring, training, consulting, therapy?
  • What are effective coaching questions?
  • How do we listen to understand?
  • What is ‘clean language’ and direct communication?
  • Examination of the different types of coaching
  • What are the benefits of adopting a coaching culture?

CoachME© Level 2

Duration: bespoke two day program for organizations




  • CoachME Certificate of Attendance – ‘Introduction to Coaching’
  • Designation CoachME Foundation Coach (CMFC)

CoachME© Level 3

Duration: face-to-face over 3 days




  • CoachME Certificate of Attendance – ‘A Grounding in Coaching’
  • Designation CoachME Practitioner Coach (CMPC) 


Program content:

  • Module One: Understanding the Purpose and Effectiveness of Coaching within Organizational Contexts


*Optional ILM Level 3 Award or Certificate in Coaching


    CoachME© Level 1-4

    Duration: face-to-face over 5/6 days




    • BMC designation CoachME Organisational Coach (CMOC)
    • Certificate of attendance 
    • Association for Coaching Accredited Professional Certificate in Coaching for Career Guidance and Workforce Capacity Building



    Option 1 and 2 include:


    • Complementary BMC CoachME© Reflective Coaching Journal
    • Complementary Saville Wave Team Types Psychometric Profile
    • Written assignments with formative and summative feedback
    • 50+ coaching tools, 5 coaching models, mentoring/supervision




    What experiential learning will I gain during the CoachME© 4 Programme? What are the benefits of the CoachME Programme?


    • Understand leadership coaching and its link to organizational transformation
    • Clarity on what coaching is and is how coaching works
    • Develop your interpersonal skills and alliance creation
    • Deepen understanding of yourself as a leader: values, vision, life purpose, limiting beliefs
    • Practice ways to work with toxic behaviours and to change energy
    • Use AC/ICF coaching competencies and Code of Ethics with confidence
    • Practice and reflect upon 50+ coaching tools
    • Understand the nuances of trust and ‘clean language’ in the workplace
    • Experience extensive practice in workplace coaching (for individuals, team, willing/unwilling coachees)
    • Play with 4 coaching models, use different learning styles
    • Receive extensive 360° feed-forward on from Coach Leaders, Mentor Coaches, Supervisors, Peers and Coachees
    • Understand the psychology and neuroscience behind coaching
    • Coach with responsibility for impact and deeper awareness of globalization
    • Apply relationship systems intelligence
    • Experiential coaching style training delivery
    • Design a strategy for developing an authentic, reciprocal network for coaching
    • Use somatic coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) whilst coaching
    • Deliver and evaluate psychometrics and other diagnostics for evidence based coaching
    • Earn up to 60 of 113 hours towards Approved Coach Specific Training (ACSTH) programme, enabling Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF).

    Option 1

    Option 2

    CoachME© Level 5

    Accredited Certification Program


    Duration: delivered via a live interactive webinar over ten weeks




    • ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)*
    • Designation CoachME Certified Coach (CMCC) 

    * Upon completion of reflective assignments, oral assessment, ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment and 100+ hours coaching clients. 



    Program content includes:


    • Ten hours of mentoring in line with ICF competencies
    • Individual mentoring sessions to critique your coaching against AC/ICF competencies
    • Weekly written assignments and final course review
    • Peer coaching within CoachME Clan©
    • Closed online user group
    • Extensive materials and resources


    Modules include:


    • Ethics and Professionalism
    • Behaviour and Equilibrium
    • Success, Results, Completeness and Abundance
    • Values
    • Transition Planning
    • Deepening Understanding and Reflection
    • Staying Curious and Sustaining Connection
    • Listening to Understand
    • The Saboteur – The Land of Self-limiting Beliefs
    • Call to Action
    • Managing Progress and Accountability
    • Giving and receiving ‘Feed Forward’.

    Our Team Of Experts

    Adi Breuer


    Adi Breuer


    With 30 years of international experience in leadership development and finance, multilingual Adi Breuer possesses a unique global cultural orientation, having worked across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. He coaches and consults on IT & Management, project management, and HR management; and is adept with banking, international trade finance, and setting up operations for startups. A multi-faceted professional, Adi’s competencies also include commercial real estate development.


    From 2001, he has consulted and coached teams and individuals on professional and personal change initiatives. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Paradigm Shifters Consulting LLC, leading a team of professional consultants educated in the firm’s seven-step approach to helping businesses align their employees and organizational goals. He developed these techniques after a long and storied career as an executive and entrepreneur; prior to Paradigm Shifters Consulting, Mr. Breuer founded several management consulting firms in Japan and Germany that resulted in the successful startup of companies in diverse industries.


    Adi has collaborated with organizations such as the United Nations, educational institutions like Duke University, and companies such as BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Daimler, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn, and Novatek.


    Recognizing the role of ICT in today’s dynamic business landscape, Adi provides virtual leadership development and coaching courses, and has designed webinars and workshops to this end. He has also successfully co-designed and led several outdoor workshops for businesses and private individuals, including a weekend offsite retreat “Freedom Retreat”.


    He complements his practical experience with relevant credentials, including accreditation as an ICF Certified Professional Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Co-active Coach (The Coaches Training Institute), Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (CRR Global), Certification in the Administration of Psychometric Assessments (MBTI), and 360 Degree Assessments (Center for Creative Leadership).


    He has also been certified by several higher education institutions in: Types of Conflict, Conflict Resolution Skills and Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution (University of California), Positive Psychology (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Managing Talent and Inspiring and Motivating Individuals (The University of Michigan).


    Adi Breuer remains au courant with developments in his field, and leverages his experience and expertise, through his membership in the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan.

    He is fluent in German, English, and Japanese, and speaks conversational French. A native of Germany living in Japan with his wife and children, Mr. Breuer lives a personal life as diverse as his professional career.

    Seattle, Munich, Tokyo

    Vernice Jones


    Vernice Jones


    With over 20 years of experience working with global Fortune 500 companies and large nonprofits, Vernice Jones creates experiential leadership programs and leadership development solutions that connect, and drive business results. Vernice has extensive experience working with C-Suite executives and other corporate leaders, providing comprehensive leadership assessments, executive coaching and experiential programming. She has conducted over 500 leadership assessments and debriefs, helping leaders learn more about their leadership strengths and impact.


    Vernice is known for designing engaging leadership programs that bring forward the brilliance, insights and real world experiences of participants. She has designed and delivered numerous leadership development programs in various industries, for all levels of corporate leaders.


    Companies Vernice has worked with include: Cargill, The Chicago Tribune, Newsday, Sikorsky Aircraft, Mitre, TASC and Girl Scouts of the USA.


    Vernice recently created a two-week curriculum and trained instructors for prospective students at Duke University’s prestigious Leadership Academy in North Carolina, Shanghai and Beijing, China. Through her executive coaching business, she has been an executive and professional coach for clients in the US, China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore. She has delivered virtual leadership programs for participants in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Vernice has also worked on a number of community development projects including an Origami camp for girls in South Carolina, an English language program for Chinese seniors, and a program for church elders at a church with locations in South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria.


    As a certified coach, Vernice Jones has completed coaching certification programs from the Coaches Training Institute, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching through CRR Global, and the Center for Leadership Maturity. She is a leader of the CoachMe coach certification program. She is qualified to administer The Leadership Circle 360 profile, and the Myers Briggs, MBTI. Vernice is the founder and co-leads the Co-Active Coach Training community for the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia region. She has been designated by the International Coaching Federation as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach), one step below Master Certified Coach.


    Vernice graduated from the University of Maryland with an undergraduate degree in Economics. She also holds a Masters degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. She speaks English and is studying Mandarin Chinese.


    Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy


    Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy is an author, speaker, master certified coach (MCC), trainer and psychometrist, specializing in organizational and executive coaching, experiential training, psychometric profiling, consulting and research.


    Clare has designed the CoachME suite of Coach Training Programs accredited and endorsed by ILM, AC and the International Coaches Federation. She is Organizational and Executive Coach, trainer and was founder of BIZNET in Bahrain. Clare experience includes University Dean, Systems and Executive Coach, Occupational Psychometrist in medical, banking, telecom, oil and gas, and business sectors enabling transformation of people and organizations. Clare is Level A (ability) and B (personality traits) with the British Psychological Society.


    Clare has a Research Doctorate from the University of Bath and uses Saville WAVE portfolio of psychometrics to complement her coaching and to ensure professional, team/organizational development. She has presented at numerous universities including Harvard University, Mansoura University and The University of Manchester. Clare has over 50 published articles, 2 published books and is an Editorial Board Member for the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching with EMCC.


    Clare loves doing crazy stuff with her children, spend time with her husband and family, traveling, playing her drums, swimming, singing, learning and is also a bit of an adrenalin junkie!

    Rosalie Boulter


    Rosalie Boulter


    Rosalie facilitates couples to move beyond disconnection, conflict and stagnation in order to design a relationship that ignites and excites them.

    Rosalie is a ICF certified coach trained in Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Co-Active Coaching and Solution Focused Coaching. She is a facilitator of the SDI®- Strength Deployment Inventory, a proven tool for Managing Conflict & Improving Relationships. Rosalie draws on more than 10 years of coaching experience focused on improving relationships, leadership development, career transition and personal development in both the public and private sectors. When it comes down to it a lot of issues revolve around relationships – building them, maintaining them, and definitely understanding differences!

    Rosalie brings a keen awareness about human behaviour into her work and has a reputation for innovative thinking. She brings empathy, intuition and a sense of humour into all situations.

    Rosalie uses her wealth of business experience after years in the corporate world in both private and public organizations where, no matter what role she has been in, she sees things she would like to improve or be a part of and find a way to contribute. She is a skilled facilitator, supporting organizations and teams in employee engagement, change management, business planning and team building.

    To add to her ongoing personal development, Rosalie has also obtained the Registered Yoga Instructor Certification.

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